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Visualizing Your Garments

Over the Summer of 2022, I worked as a Product Design Intern at Soliyarn. Soliyarn is an e-textile startup based in Boston creating sensor-based garments for military, industrial and personal use.

At Soliyarn, I worked to design and create the Web Portal that was used to manage, connect to and visualize the physical garments created by Soliyarn.


While smart, sensor equipped garments are growing in popularity, not many interfaces have been created that allow different clients to connect to their garments and see data through real-time visualizations relevant to their needs.

In addition, Soliyarn has a line of products that aim to be created for both business use, as well as personal use. Thus, any interface must be adaptable and error-free to allow for commercial and personal use.

The goal for this project was to create a coherent and modular infrastructure and interface that lets Soliyarn's varied clients easily access and interact with their biosensing garments and visualizations.

Soliyarn Project Timeline

My Work

I was responsible for designing the structure of the web portal, closely working with other engineers, designers and project managers. In particular, I worked to design user flows by creating flow charts for paths taken by users. These were designs for different stakeholders of the product - the business owners and managers, the clients, and customers.

I also focused on creating prototypes on Figma for two main workflows:

  • The first was prototypes for the configuration user flow which was responsible for the configuration of a new device. This included users initially connecting their device via bluetooth, downloading and updating any necessary software, and customizing specific details like name, icon and other variables like refresh rate.
  • The second workflow was what we called the Device Visualization Interface, which was the interface where customers could connect to their garment and be able to visualize the real-time data collection through different visualizations based on the kind of garment. This involved creating 3-D real-time visual

I also worked to further develop the visualizations of the products. For this, I had to work closely with systems and software engineers to understand the capabilities and limitations of the products. I re-developed the visualization using a 3-D modelling libary called Three.js, D3.js and the Web Canvas API to ensure the visualizations were capable to work with the prototypes created while keeping in mind the limitations of the product.

Unfortunately since this work is under a NDA - I cannot publicy share my designs. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me


  • In my 3 months at Soliyarn, I was a key part of the team behind fully shipping the web portal. Not only did we achieve our timeline, we also delivered more features than promised.
  • This new portal, created for usage starting in September 2022 played a role in acquiring new business partners who visualized their data collected in real-time through Soliyarns' products
  • Overall, through designing and improving the visualization interface, I increased the visualization efficiency of the product protocol by over 50%

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