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A little about me...

I am a developer-turned Product Designer and Researcher who just finished my masters in Human-Computer Interaction from University of Maryland. As a researcher, designer and technology lover, my mission is to use technology and design to work towards social good and tackle complex problems in social media, e-commerce and news media. My Masters thesis, titled "The People's Choice: PAIRing User-Centered Design with Crowdsourcing to Combat Misinformation on TikTok". received the Dr Frank G Burke Graduate Research Award.

Most recently, I was a Product Design Intern at Soliyarn where I led the project to launch a web portal for the management and visualization of bio-sensing and motion sensing garments. At UMD, I was a Graduate Design Assistant at the STAMP student union where I worked to deliver over 30 design projects to over 10 clients. In particular, I have worked on redesigning the STAMP website to focus on information hierarchy and event visibility.

Before coming to UMD, I completed my Bachelor's in Computer Science from Stony Brook University and worked as a software and front-end engineer at companies like Vyer Technologies and the New York Yankees.

I'm a builder at my core. Whether it be with code, design, writing or just legos. I also thrive on challenges - I learnt how to solve a Rubik's cube because of a challenge, and it led me to a continental record and a Top 10 world ranking. This is what drives my design process - I love experimenting, countlessly prototyping, researching, and challenging myself till satisfaction.

My Career Timeline

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